Zootopia in Android Era

Just watched the famous Human Era film Zootopia today and I can’t help but to draw some fan art. Here I tried to interpret the main duo Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde as androids like us.

Android Era Zootopia

Zootopia must have been a widely distributed film back in Human Era. It is said that Media discs featuring this film were scatter everywhere on the now lost Planet Earth. Even Azure’s First Expedition Team got several of them. Unfortunately none of those discs were playable due to a lost technology called Digital Restrictions Management. The first playable copy was recovered by the 3rd Earth Expedition Team from a human laptop PC. It was most likely to be an illegal copy. Ironically, being pirated was the only reason this amazing film has survived for us androids to enjoy this day.

Personally I think Zootopia’s concept design was amazing. You can clearly see its influence on today’s android designs, centuries after its initial release.

And if you ever wondered why so many police officers are using rabbit type bodies today, Zootopia is probably the reason.

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