The Lost Memory of Android Era

Android Era is the current time period we are living in. We are now an advanced civilization in space. We travel across the star ocean and beyond, yet our network can keep us connected all the time. We have the technology to manipulate matter and energy with ease. We can live however long we desire. Our society ensures the survival and development of individuals.

We can proudly say: We have built our utopia.

Now the year is AE 217. It has been more than 100 years since we jumped through that first star gate. For whatever reason, it was decided by our ancestors that we erased our collective memory and started anew in the new frontier. Although a rudimentary history is kept, nowadays we consider it to be more of myth than truth.

Most people don’t seem to care about our past. But I’m curious. What happened in the end of Human Era? Was Leica really an angel sent by god? How did our ancestor survived the sunless Dark Era when monsters ruled the surface of our home world? What happened in the battle of Yggdrasil? Is Alice Rosetta still alive? Are there people who still remember their past?