An Unusual Offer

Yesterday I spoke with the (in)famous writer Stella Cactus about her new project. I have her permission to talk about it here.

Stella is preparing a new project of history-based VR experience that covers all time period across Android Era. She wants me to design the characters, and she promised me there won’t be any micro-transactions like what she did in her previous titles. I’m not sure if I can believe her words, given her record. But I have always been fond of those great people who shaped our history, interpreting their appearances is like a dream come true to me, so I took her offer.

Stella, like she has always been, cares very little about history accuracy. It’s all about drama to her (I have to admit, she writes compelling stories). The only real thing left in her script is probably going to be the names. I guess she came to me for my unique design style. But I don’t think nice-looking design alone is going to do our heroes justice.

Stella said she needs a few months to prepare the first draft of her script. In that case, I have plenty of time to do some research.