The abridged history of Leica

Today I looked up records about Leica in Starnet. Most of my findings were fictions, hopelessly exaggerated. The only reliable source was Starpedia, its Leica article says:

Leica was the first android awakened from the eternal slumber since the end of human era. She traveled alone many years on the surface of a dangerous, sunless planet infested by robotic monsters. At the end of her journey, she discovered a few other androids and revived them, but unfortunately passed away soon there after.

That’s it?

I have a complicated feeling about this. Leica was the person who endured unthinkable hardships to save our civilization all by herself. We built statues of her image, name great things after her, hold festivals in memory of her. But in reality, we know virtually nothing about her.

Leica has an established angel-like image, recognized by everyone in our civilization. I can’t help seeing this as a highly idealized symbol rather than who Leica really was.

In fact, not just Leica, many key figures in history before the first jump were recorded in a distant, ambiguous manner. I don’t think this is the right way to remember them.

I wonder if there is other places where I can find more valuable information.

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