I’m Tyson Tan (钛山), a cartoon character designer from China.
I specialize in:

  • Cute anthropomorphic animal characters
  • Mech designs with strong industrial design influences
  • Extensive writing to support the designs
  • Free and open source software
  • Speaks Chinese, English and Japanese


The art section is being built. For now, my DA gallery holds a more complete collection of my artworks; my twitter has the most recent ones.


New website plan

After spending years on social networks, I realized there’s nothing like home(page)! My depression was my excuse of neglecting it, but now I’m better and I should pull things back together. I’m rebuilding this website into my portfolio and a personal blog. Simplicity is the keyword here. WordPress. No plugins. Default theme with some image tricks. …

Electric Hearts

Electric Hearts is my original sci-fi project in-development for more than a decade. It takes place in the age of androids after the fall of human civilization. Readers will follow the struggle of generations of androids through the dark age of post-apocalyptic Earth into their new frontier among the stars. When the project is ready, it will have a standalone website.


I provide mascot design for free and open source projects. Free of charge and under free license.