Hi, I’m Tyson Tan, a part-time concept artist who is probably known for designing cute mechs and anthro characters, as well as many free and open source software mascots.

I’m working on distancing myself from social networks and to organize my works on this website. However, after years of neglecting, I will have to rebuild everything from scratch.

At this time I’m also helping the development of Freedom Planet 2 and the Simplified Chinese translation of Krita, which will slowdown the progress here.

My FOSS mascot free request service is still open. You can contact me by:

  • Email: tysontanx@gmail.com (International)
  • Email: tds00@qq.com (China)
  • Twitter: @tysontanx (Direct Message is Open)
  • Message board: on this website
  • I will read every message, but please pardon me for not being able to reply each of them. Thank you for your support!



An alternate universe where strong AI was realized in 2008. Featuring robotic androids and extensive world building.


A town where tradition coexists the new trend. Featuring cute anthropomorphic animals with contemporary life-style.


Introduce the mascots I designed for free and open source projects.


Fanarts of existing titles.


Taking notes of useful information, recording random thoughts for a later day.


A place for visitors to leave off-topic discussions.


I’m not going to put up my old Electric Hearts and Oasis works on their pages. Everything will be created from scratch based on the renewed writing and my improved skills. There will be quite sometime before the new website can be fully populated.

The old works might be featured later in articles of me looking back at the development of each topic.


I will put my profile here, list some projects I participated in.