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  1. Who are your favorite artists? Any specific ones that were the inspiration for your artstyle?

    1. I have to name the old cartoon/manga artists, like Walt Disney and Tezuka Osamu. I have always been working to draw characters full of life, to tell engaging stories, after their great examples.

  2. Hello Tyson Tan. Please Can I Have A Photo Of You? I Am A Big Fan Of Your Animation But I Like To See The Real Person Behind The Character . I Would Not Share The Picture With Everybody It Is Just For My Scrapbook Where I Collect Pictures Of My Favourite Characters And The Creators And Voices Actors.

  3. Hey Tyson, Who is your cybernetic avatar? Cloud or the mouse character? I am curious!

    1. Do you mind if I create a fanmade Electric Heart character/vehicle and post it to deviantart for u to see? I hope they could be part of the android world and if you allowed, be part of your comic? Maybe as a background character?
      This is gonna sound geeky, but i wouldn’t mind being an animal android myself. Just saying!

    2. Hello Tyson Tan, why are the androids animal based? What happened to human androids or any other robotic beings? Are there cyborgs?

    3. Hello Tyson Tan. There is a question about I’ve been thinking about your androids . Even though they’re artificial, do they have the ability to consume organic food?

    1. Hey! I am the first commentor! You
      may have seen me as a commentor from deviantart, KalLance9349. Really Big fan of your work! Hope you might reply!!

    2. Hey you replied! I really love your works, especially Cloud White and Kiki. Thanks to you, Cloud White is my new anthro idol! To be honest, your art is what i have been looking for a very long time! You basically combined the two things i adored, talking animals (or non-humans) and organic looking robots! They look so lifelike. Man, i wish i could meet them in person! Btw, i tried to get your attention from deviantart, but you didn’t reply (its an older but similar thing to what i wrote here) Anyways, keep up the good work!

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