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  1. Hey hello here!, Just another admirer here, I really love the style you make with all your antrophmoric robotic animals your draw so much, that in fact i am also a robot enthusiast, specially when i just met the krita app from which you designed it’s mascot Kiki, i just totally felt in love with her looking when i used it for my first time that i considered her as my FLOSS Waifu!. Specially also after the broadcast you just made, drawing kiki yourself again, it was rlly a great help specially for beginners like me that still starts learning to draw with a Tablet. Like really it was so confusing for me to use it for the frist time specially when you posted that tutorial for the 2.9, like it rlly needed a bit more of explaning to be honest.

    Anyways, i wanted to ask that if there’s any tip or recomendation you could recommend me for how to draw robots and mechs i would absolutely apreciate that, i’m also really interested in making that kind of art specially after i just heard about a Gundam artist known as “Mika Akitaka” that invented a totally new Anime Genre known as “Mecha musume”(mecha girls) since the 80’s, i don”t know if you might have heard about him also. but actually you’re the second artist i admire just after him, you both have a so original talent to draw art from mechanical gears and parts.

    Once again is great honor to meet you!, and also i strongly encourage you to keep this fantastic work! Thank you! ;D

    *cuddles kiki* <3

    1. Hi Shingen. Sorry for the late reply. I was too busy with family business and missed your message. I might be able to record/stream again after I pull myself together, maybe 2021.

      I do not subscribe to the Mecha girls genre. I prefer to design robotic characters to solve problems, with the capability to live their lives comfortbly, not just some sexy dolls with weapons striking poses.

  2. Hello Tyson. I hope you are well and I am not bothering you
    I am the developer of the FLOSS office suite O20, and I was hoping you could design a mascot for the entire office suite and variants for all of the sub-apps (Word, Slideshow, and Notebook). I was thinking of a fish or sort of aquatic creature, but anything you decide would be good. 🙂 Each could be the app theme color (Office:#d83b01, Word:#2b579a, Slideshow:#b7472a, Notebook:#7719aa), and have the letter (O, W,P,N) on their chest. Since I have no other way to contact you, if you decide to take on the project, when you are ready you can open a bug report at
    I really like your mascots and just can’t take my eyes off them. Having one for my own app will be really cool. 😉
    Miles (the Abstract Developer)

  3. With the current COVID-19 outbreak in China and the rest of the world, I want to make sure you are safe where you are. Quarantine measures have escalated not only in China, but also in Europe and North America.

    1. Thank you, and thanks to the effective organization of our government and the effort of our people, we are safe in China, for now. Wherever you are, I hope you can stay healthy and safe as well.

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